remembering the wonder years

When I was a kid, I looked forward to growing up because I wanted to do so many things.

I've realized of course, when I noticed that those sacs under my eyes now refuse to disappear, that I'm not so young anymore (Bah). Paradoxically, I find myself looking back.

Especially these days after several other iconic figures that were part of my youth passed away - MJ, John Hughes, Tita Cory, Francis M. I couldn't help being nostalgic. Often when I do my looking back, I find a monologue in my head - pretty much like Kevin Arnold's in The Wonder Years.

I must have been around ten when The Wonder Years was on TV. At that age I never thought I'd ever understand nostalgia and looking back and the stuff that "old people" do.

Recently I turned into one of those "old people", so I thought of pulling a Kevin Arnold. Only a little less linear, a little less narrative, a little more hodge-podge-and-wherever the wind takes me.

Thus the inspiration for this new blog.
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