ABOUT this blog

It all started when I learned John Hughes died.  Like many thirtysomethings who watched his work through the '80s and early '90s, I'd gone on a John Hughes movie marathon and found myself swimming in nostalgia. It just so happened that a few other iconic figures passed away that year too - Michael Jackson, Tita Cory - and I couldn't help recalling the impact they had on my childhood years.  Thus the inspiration for this blog.

Funny how, when I was a child, I kept looking forward to being a grown-up.  Now that I'm all grown up, I do a lot of looking back with fondness. Out of habit, I compose monologues in my head about the things I recall - pretty much in the style of Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years - only a little less linear, a little less narrative, a little more hodge-podge-and-wherever the wind takes me.

I hadn't imagined myself being one of those old people telling "when I was your age" stories, but here I go.