friday flick fix:
girl (1998)

Girl is a 1998 movie about - you guessed it, a girl.  Specifically a straight-A high school senior from the upscale part of a small town, who suddenly discovers the underground scene and swaps her safe, boring life for an exciting new one filled with rock music, grungy fashion and cute boys.

In short, she falls in love with a rock star and becomes a full-fledged groupie.

monday music trip:

Angelina by the French pop group P.S.Y (not to be confused with the Korean internet sensation Psy).  From the year 1989.

The song is entirely in French, but it became quite popular here sometime '91 / '92.  Even if most of us didn't really know what it was about, it was easy to assume it was a love song of sorts about a girl.  It didn't really matter; besides, the melody sounds so pleasantly upbeat anyway.

back when disaster movies levelled up

Disaster movies have been around since ... well, since people made movies.  In the '90s, the genre took great new leaps as filmmakers employed CGI to create more realistic (and disturbing) effects.  Disaster flicks were churned out one after the other, and often, two or more with similar themes were released within a few months - or weeks - of each other.

back when she so horny she love you long time

Though it's probably one of the most disgusting hooks you've heard, you'd likely agree it's one of the catchiest ever.

back when the e-heads' "cutterpillow" went gold in a day

Cutterpillow is the Eraserheads' third album (after UltraElectroMagneticPop and CiRcuS) and remains the Philippines' best-selling album by a band or group.  By a clever marketing ploy, it made gold-status in one day and eventually made Platinum several times over.

monday music trip

This song never fails to move me. Haunting melody, impressive lyrics, and unique vocal technique.