back when dawson loved joey loved pacey loved jen

Revisiting Capeside ...


First there was Joey, Dawson and Pacey.
And Dawson liked Joey.

And Joey loved Dawson.
But then along came Jen.

And there was this thing between Dawson and Jen.
But before long, his sights were set on Joey again.

So Dawson loved Joey.
And Joey loved him back.

But Jack and Andy moved in
and Joey fell for Jack.

But Jack turned out to be gay
- and that turned out okay.
Dawson tried his luck with Joey again
while Jack befriended Jen.

But Pacey fell in love with Joey,
and Joey chose Pacey.
Dawson let her go and said goodbye,
and he had an awkward, painful, funny-looking cry.

And while Pacey had Joey, 
Dawson HATED Pacey.

Joey later ditched them both and went for bad boy Charlie.

Meanwhile, Pacey had Audrey.

Then there were various love interests and things,
including a Natalie, an Eddie and other short-lived flings

But after everything, Joey ended up with Pacey.

And that was the gist of their story.
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