back when i first wore leggings

I'm really glad leggings made a comeback from the late-'80s. I practically jumped at this old-returning fad 3 years ago, buying myself a couple of pairs to wear with babydoll dresses.

Leggings are comfy and stylish. They're the next best thing to jeans, and I could think of reasons why they're better.

I used to love wearing them as a pre-teen too. I would wear them practically anywhere - to a soiree, to the mall, to church, to Saturday theater club rehearsals, to amusement fairs. Back then, leggings were worn with oversized tops. They used to come in in bright (as in really bright) colors and funky geometric prints.

I still remember some of my favorite combinations:
  • Aqua blue leggings + super oversized shirt with yellow pink and light blue print (my mom's) + jazzed up sneakers with neon laces
  • Dark olive green leggings + button down with animal embroidery at the back (and hideous shoulder pads) + a big, black headband
  • Black leggings + oversized white button-down (my mom's) + black slingback shoes with silver straps
  • Yellow-orange leggings + orange polo shirt (my mom's) + jazzed up sneakers
  • Yellow leggings + button-down shirt with watermelon print (hot pink, bright orange, yellow and green) (my mom's) + tan sandals
  • Dark blue leggings + light blue faux-denim shirt (again,my mom's)

Come on, it was the eighties. Flashy colors were practically a must. And back then, it wasn't uncool for young girls to borrow their mom's clothes to a party. Like what that girl in the movie Can't Buy Me Love did.

The leggings I see around these days have more basic and muted colors, lacey patterns instead of neon-hued abstracts. I noticed too that they are now made of thinner cloth - they are more sheer and more like tights - which isn't so bad, because that's just perfect for our tropical climate, except that the thin materials tend to run more easily.

I hope the legging trend could stick around; they're lot comfier than pants. Besides, I really don't look good in jeans.
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