back when the animated transformers weren't cute

Here and now and today, 2009.

I keep the TV on for background noise while I work sometimes. Since our cable connection conked out and the cable guy hasn't swung by yet, and since most of the local channels are fuzzy (bad reception in my area), I don't really have that many choices. I choose the one that not necessarily has the best programs, but the clearest reception.

As with most TV stations, this particular one airs cartoons in the afternoon for kiddies who should be coming home from school right about now. I take a closer look and notice, and lo, it's another rehash of Trans Formers.

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What? Not another one ...

I think this one is called TransFormers Animated (like, duh!)

This one, being more or less 2000-ized, naturally has more streamlined, modernized designs for the 'bots. The introduction of PC and techie jargon is a nice touch, I think.

I just don't find appealing that artist trend most cartoons these days employ, in which human characters look like Bratz dolls.

I also couldn't help but notice that this new TransFormers is a lot lighter than First Gen; Animated is actually a comedy in contrast. I don't think that's just my perception simply because I was young when I watched First Gen. I still managed to catch some First Gen reruns fairly recently, and I still say it had a whole different treatment from Animated. One reason I was drawn to TransFormers when I was a seven-year-old was that though it was kid-friendly, it did not talk down to kids at all. First Gen assumed that its underaged audience had the capacity to comprehend.

image from Retro Junk

So anyway, I postpone deciding to kill the television as I try to bear the insinuation that kids are stupid. Glancing at the screen every so often, I can't help but compare this new TransFormers Animated with First Gen and find it falling short.


Too lazy to Google, I'm just pulling what I remember from my head: There's been...
  • TransFormers First Gen
  • TransFormers the Movie (Baa Weep Gran Na Weep Ni Ni Bong!)
  • The one with the triplechangers
  • Sometime in the mid '90s, there was the Beast Wars.
  • TransFormers Armada
  • Then finally in 2007 was the live-action Michael Bay movie with Shia and Megan
  • In 2009 came the sequel
  • I'm guessing Animated came after the '07 movie
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