back when we watched cartoons on weekday afternoons

Back when we didn't have Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel, the local stations aired animated programs every single afternoon, even on weekdays. After coming home from school and before sitting down to do homework, we could wind down in front of the Tube for some cartoons.

My favorite one was The Puppy, on every Wednesday. It was about a little brown puppy named Petey who was estranged from his master, Tommy. In each episode, Petey and his friends Dash, Duke and Lucky and a cute girl-dog have a bit of adventure at some part of the world in search of Tommy. They get reunited eventually of course.

Gummi Bears weren't just candy. They were these annoying cartoon bears who bounced here, there and everywhere.

I hated Donald Duck's nephews in Ducktales.

The Wuzzles were these cute, candy-colored creatures who were two animals in one.

There was Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, with the classic cast of characters seen also in other animated series: cute boy hero + wise mage type + strong warrior type + girl + gifted kid + runt, with the inspiring father figure in background support. The bad guys were these ugly, evil plant mobiles who always got beat at the end of every episode and reincarnated good as new in the next. This had a sci-fi setting and a glam-rock-like theme song (complete with falsetto).

Inhumanoids was another sci-fi type. The art wasn't that impressive, but it was sufficiently entertaining. Taught me a lot of vocabulary words too.

Visonaries was this cool mishmash of sci-fantasy and medieval. Troops of the two rival factions wore suits of cyber-armor with their holographic avatars on their chests. It was one of those earlier animations that were awkwardly dubbed in Filipino, producing disastrous (and hilarious) results.

I hardly remember anything from Centurions and Silver Hawks, but i remember enjoying them.

Another fave was Street Frogs, featuring hip-hopping amphibians. It alternated with Karate Kat, Mini Monsters and Tiger Sharks.
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