back when annabelle rama was a sexy star

(It isn't exactly Gen-X, but it's nostalgic nonetheless)

Annabelle Rama as we know her today.
Image from

I sort of remember someone telling me (it must have been my Dad or one of my in-laws) that Annabelle Rama used to be a starlet of sorts before she got hitched to Eddie Gutierrez and had kids with him. I got curious about that and did a quick Google search. And guess what I found! --

But before that, this: According to imdb, she did three movies in the early seventies; back then she was known only as "Annabelle". Ooh, one of those girls with no surname. With titles like Hidhid, Hayok and Uhaw, they seem like grindhouse-type soft-porn B-movies that proliferated in the '70s.

Anyway, this is what I found on the first page of the Google search (sans the blurring, FYI):

Anabelle in the early '70s.

She apparently was a sexy star back then. And obviously, she didn't just do sexy; she did nekkid.

I started wondering how it must feel like for her adult sons to know that their mom was a porn star. Or to know that nude pictures of their mom have been circulating on the 'net.

In fairness, Annabelle was actually pretty when she was young. You could even see hints of her daughter, model / actress / beauty-queen Ruffa, in her face.

I just can't imagine how she managed to act sexy - even if I look at the above softandsexy photo, Her thick waray accent and argumentative demeanor keep popping in my head. I mean, who would want to watch that? I wonder how she pulled it off (no pun intended).
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