monday music:
video killed the radio star [THE BUGGLES]

Video Killed the Radio Star is a 1979 song by the Brit-Pop group the Buggles. It has a light sound to it but it actually mourns the demise of old-fashioned radio at the dawn of an era of electronic media. It's a cultural marker of sorts, right smack when televisions became very affordable and music videos were on the rise.

This music video in fact was the first ever to be shown on MTV - that was back in August of 1981.

In February of 2000, it was also the one-millionth video on MTV. If I remember correctly, I happened to catch that airing and that's when I found out that Video Killed the Radio Star was the first ever shown on the music television channel.

Eventually the popularity of music videos waned too. This generation seems more interested in reality TV than MTV. It also seems like new artists are more concerned about producing other forms of media aside from music videos.

I have this theory that the only people who search for music videos on the 'net are mostly grown-up Gen-Xers nostalgic for the past. :p

In this country, MTV totally died out - and the final video played on MTV Philippines was - guess what - Video Killed the Radio Star.
There is now a question looming in my mind: What killed the MTV star?
The suspects: The internet. mp3. Live performance streaming.
We're right now pretty much where the Buggles were back then - witnessing the demise of an era and the dawn of a new one.
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