monday music:
beautiful girl

I am aware that Jose Mari Chan is supposed to be like one of the greatest OPM composers or something, but I'm really just not a fan of his musical style and his writing prowess. He was particularly prolific in the '80s; his songs like Please Be Careful With My Heart and Christmas in Our Hearts were heavily played on local radio stations. I never appreciated them.

His other popular tune was Beautiful Girl. I revisited it a couple of months ago because I had a to teach a lesson on inner beauty to a group of young ladies, and one of the suggested activities was to have the group listen to Chan's Beautiful Girl. I did not have a CD or mp3, not even a tape of it, so I opted for the easy, free option of playing a You Tube video.

OMG, laugh trip.

I've always found this video pathetic and trying-too-hard; it used to make me cringe, smirk and roll my eyes. I thought that it would be embarrassing to show on MTV Asia, and a downright misrepresentation of Filipino talent. Right now seeing it makes me laugh.

By the way - Nice hair, girls. Especially Ate Vi.

Observe how skinny Mega used to be, and notice how different Regine Velasquez' nose (um, flat) and eyes (er, chinky) were back in the day.

What makes it extra funny is how after he is shown with all the "beautiful girls", it ends with an awkwardly inserted photo of him and his wife.
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