back when lindsay was cute and sober

Lindsay Lohan's been on the news again lately. Once more, we see her face plastered all over websites and tabloids - a blonde, haggard version of her, sobbing poiselessly over being sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her alcohol ban.

Sigh. She's such a beautiful, talented person. She's quite likeable as an actress, though not really much of a role model. It's sad what happened to LiLo, but I'm not entirely sorry for her; this sort of thing might just be what she needs to clean up.

Before she acquired this dazed, washed-up bad girl image ...

... she was this cute child actress who, from an early age, was obviously of the material to be a big star.

I first saw her in a Disney remake of The Parent Trap (1998), where she convincingly played the role of twins Annie and Halley. That young, she was already a good actress. And one of her was much, much more endearing, more talented than two Olsens (who were also busy being celebrities at that time).

The world saw her next all grown up in another Disney remake, Freaky Friday (2004). She was, for a while, a refreshingly wholesome teen; gorgeous, sexy and who cared if she had freckles. From there she went on to the A-List. She was juggling movies, music recordings, TV guestings and lawsuits against her father.

Then we witnessed her slowly go off the edge. Her misbehavior. Her failed lesbian relationship. Her varous wardrobe malfunctions and numerous times she forgot to put on her underwear and proudly (maybe drunkenly) flashed the paparazzi. We don't really know how stressful life is for the likes of her, so we aren't really in a position to judge her, but we do get a really bad picture of her from the Media.

It's a a pattern, they say, among former child stars. A lot of them have wasted away and disintegrated - but there are a few who've made a graceful comeback, like Drew Barrymore or Wynonah Ryder. I'm not about to dismiss Lindsay as a wasted has-been; I can totally imagine her rising phoenix-style. Who knows, right?

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