back when mayim (and blossom) was real popular

Sue to Will: Seriously, you wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.
[Glee Season 2 Episode 2, September 2010]

Yeah, I'm a Gleek too , so sue me. Anway. Since I heard that comment made by Sue on the episode from a few weeks ago, I wondered about what ever happened to Mayim Bialik. But just a bit more of TV watching answered my curiosity.

My other current fixations is CBS' Big Bang Theory - a hilarious sitcom featuring four lovable geeks. Anyway, there's a new recurring role in the person of Amy Farah Fowler, Dr. Sheldon Cooper's not-girlfriend. She's not a very likeable character but she has this whole humorous dynamic with Sheldon that works.

I wondered for a while about that actress - who she is, how the casters found her and why they chose her. She appeared rather trite next to Jim Parsons' Sheldon, and she wasn't very visually appealing, if you know what I mean. As the end credits filed out, I read that Amy Farah Fowler was/is played by Mayim Bialik.

It took me less than a second to recognize that name. Aside from the fact that it's a very unique and incredibly memorable name, it used to be somewhat huge in the early '90s.

For a time, Blossom was a TV hit. I understand she was supposed to be adorable, but I didn't get why. I never became interested enough in her or her show though, so I don't really have a lot of fond memories about. But I do know that Mayim Bialik's well-loved television persona was guilty of setting that obnoxious-hat trend, particularly the hat-with-ridiculously-big-sunflower trend. That sunflower-hat fad eventually spawned sunflower everything - clothing, bags, accessories and stuff. It wasn't funny at that time, but it looks terribly ludicrous now.

So there. Mayim. I never found her cute, but she didn't age too well. Her fashion seems to be stuck in the '90s too.
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