back when jumping was an acceptable form of dancing

1992 was a good year for bad dancers. A person who was not-so-well-coordinated or "rhythmically challenged" could hide his ineptness when either one of the following hip-hop tunes came on:

Kris Kross' Jump,

or, House of Pain's Jump Around

It wasn't very baffling that simply jumping up and down became a dance craze - anyone could do it. The point was to get your feet off the floor and have fun. There were variations too - one arm up in the air, both arms up, both arms pinned closely to the body, leaping across the room and so on. Even if you looked all spazzy. You wouldn't mind anyway because everyone around you was spazzy too.

At discoes and dance parties, people would cheer when they heard the intro to Jump Around. Hands would go flying up, and the crowd would rhythmically rise and fall as one, like a singular massive colloid. Showoffs would pull out their StreetBoyz moves and somersaults.

Yes, kids - that used to be badass. Floppy jeans and all. That's how we "danced" in 1992.
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