monday music trip
army of me

I'm in the mood for some retro Bjork today. I watched Sucker Punch fairly recently; in its kickass soundtrack is a remix of Bjork's Army of Me. A decade and a half after it was first released, it still sounds avant-garde enough to fit in a current movie.

I first heard Army of Me in '95, and noted how it sounded angry and sexy at the same time. And if you complain / Once more, you'll meet an / Army of me. I thought that was so clever.

Bjork was always too experimental for miantream tastes, and in this country her music was played only on NU107. Can't say I was ever a Bjork fan, but I loved her crazy music. Her music videos were delicious - the kind of soup one's subconscious mind cooks up while sleeping.

The Sucker Punch remix featuring Skunk Anansie still sounds much like the original track, only much more aggressive.

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