back when they were (already cute but) not yet so glamorous: part 1

I know that fashion fads and people's looks change through the years, but there have been some drastic makeovers and metamorphoses that I can't not take note of.

What partially spurred on this post is an article I stumbled into - a list of 50 lust-worthy male celebrities (or something like that). At the #1 spot, deemed overall steamier and dreamier than many younger, more current celebs was Johnny Depp. I Googled for similar lists and poll results, and all of them have Johnny Depp in somewhere in them.  Clearly, though he's over forty and perennially scruffy, he's still considered one of the most gorgeous men alive.

My mind drifted back to the time when he was a clean-shaven, fresh faced Officer Tom Hanson in 21 Jump Street.  
He was the crush-able type ever since, me think.  He wasn't a big movie star, but his face was ubiquitous - that's because his pics were clipped from glossy magazines and emblazoned on teenage girls' Trapper Keepers (not his Edward Scissorhands photos though).

He had a cookie-cuttered 80s Teen Beat "standard hottie" look, but there was something magnetic about him even then.  Anyone remember how he used to emit this vibe like he was disgusted at being so good-looking and popular? Well, ain't it gnarly that he evolved from an angry young man into an effortlessly sexy old man(?).

Methinks he's even sexier now that he's older, and he doesn't even (seem to) try so hard to be.

Justin Timberlake is another list frequenter.

Makes me recall that he used to look like this:

I still don't get what tween girls in the 90s saw in him, but I must agree that he's, uh, much easier on the eyes these days. I'm glad he cropped that forest of ringlets.

Now I don't want this post to be all about guys, especially since I recently devoted a whole entry to the evolution of Mark Wahlberg.  Besides, I think the gals are more intriguing.  I thought about the ladies who are more attractive now that they're older and so, I segue ...

Nicole Kidman has been included in Best Dressed and Most Beautiful lists in the past several years.  I can see why (if I ignore those post-Botox paparazzi photos, anyways).

Anyone who's been alive long enough would remember a time when she wasn't so fabulous....

The change is so drastic, it's almost unbelievable.  >_<  

Even though her naturally bulky, curly tresses were the hot hairstyle back in the 1980s, she was never really considered hot herself then.

This big-haired ginger started out modelling and doing commercials in Australia, and later gained worldwide popularity when she was attached to Tom Cruise.  But it was after their divorce that she went all vixeny, received more acclaim (including an Oscar win and two nominations) and shot to superstardom.  The makeover definitely helped. Good (nose) job, Nicole!

Speaking of the ex-husband, the new Mrs. Cruise also owes her A-List status to marrying the Mission Impossible star:

Without Tom, Katie Holmes would have otherwise been immortalized as the tomboyish girl-next-door in Dawson's Creek.

She was already cute as Joey Potter - doe eyes, smirky smile and all.  I never understood why that idiot Dawson ever chose Jen Lindley over her.

Moving on.

In Katie's circle of friends is designer and fashion icon Victoria Beckham

... also known as Posh - the Spice Girl whose singing could hardly be heard under the two Melanies and the two blondes. 

I recall Madonna saying Posh was her favorite Spice Girl because she was the most underplayed fashion disaster in the group (not in those words, mind you :p ).  But I thought she was the most uninteresting fifth in her girl band, and that she often looked like a PMS-y streetwalker.

After becoming a Beckham (i.e., the other half of David), Victoria now lives out her posh-ness, far outshining the former Spices - and most of the women on the globe, for that matter.

So that was fun.  ^_^  For me, at least.  I'll come up with another roster in the next few days.

But before I end, I'll include one last fox.  She's sort of an "extra" for this entry, since she wasn't really famous in the 1990s, but I want to put her in anyway because she's so fun to look at:

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