back when billie piper was a teen dance popstar

People like myself who have a geek streak for science-fantasy programs would likely recognize Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, a.k.a., The Doctor's companion for seasons 1 through 4 of Doctor Who 2005.

Here she is as Rose, circa 2006 with the tenth Doctor:

Ans here she is posing all intense-like in front of the iconic TARDIS:


After watching several seasons of Doctor Who 2005 a few times over, it was only recently that my mind made the connection between Billie Piper and the 1990s.  In a half-zombie state through one of my DVD marathons over the holidays, I noted that Rose Tyler sort of looked like this obscure teen popstar from the late '90s.  She had a dorky dance video with aliens and hip-hop fashion that occasionally showed on MTV Asia.  She had a square face and a big smile like Rose Tyler ...  I tried to recall the said popstar's name, and realized that it was ...


... her too.

She was then known simply as Billie, a recording artist who was supposed to become a bigger superstar than the Spice Girls, but became famous -- in Japan.   One of my clearest memories of her was that a magazine cited her as a fashion don't  for wearing hair extensions that did not go with her natural tresses.  She had an album called Honey to the B and a single entitled Because We Want To (which was accompanied by the said dorky dance video).

Just a few days ago I asked a couple of friends if they remembered Billie from circa 1997-99, and none of them do. Well I probably remember her because I spent some time mocking her.  For which I now repent, because Rose Tyler is so flipping cool in Season 4 of Doctor Who.


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