back when milla jovovich was a recording artist

Before she kicked arse in Resident Evil and Ultraviolet, before she uglied up to be Katinka Tinka Ingabogovina na na in Zoolander, and before she adorably blurted out "Leeloo Dallas MultiPass" in The Fifth Element, Milla Jovovich released an album entitled Divine Comedy.

In 1993, she was simply called Milla - the ethereal voice and lyricist behind The Gentleman Who Fell.

Creepy, but I love those wolf-eyes.  She was just about seventeen or eighteen here, but she looked much older, didn't she?  It must be because of the Katinka Tinka Ingabogovina na na eyebrows.

And here she is with a lovely live version while guesting on Conan, crooning in that detached, doped-up manner, braless and laid-back, '90s style:

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