back when everything i needed to know about life i learned from daria

My ten most valuable lessons learned from MTV's Daria.


Best friends are invaluable.

It's awfully rewarding to have one one with roughly the same interests,
a similar worldview and a level of intelligence not too far from your own. 

... Although it could spell trouble if you have the same taste in guys.

But it helps if she had a gorgeous, non-conformist brother. 



Musicians trump jocks any day.


No matter how you try to be so nonchalant and poised,
you always end up acting all goofy around the person you like.

Don't panic, it happens to everyone.

Combat boots rock (at least while you're at teenager, and at most twenty-ish),
especially when combined with an attitude.


Being smart is more profitable than being cute,
though not necessarily more admirable. 

To the general populace, at least.

Be warned -  society is generally more tolerant of sweet, pretty, flatterers
than unattractive intellectuals who are brave enough to speak the truth.

Nonetheless, it's important to form your own opinions rather
 than swallow the accepted convention without asking any questions.

Just remember that speaking your mind will make you unlikeable,
particularly to non-thinking individuals.

... But fitting in, and being nice and likeable -- it's overrated anyway.


All ladies, in one way or another, are bitches. 
Even if (sometimes, especially if) they're you're friends.

But still, you need your girl friends in your life.
Even if (sometimes, especially if) you want to smack them.


Positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement.

There is no empirical evidence for this though.
Apply which ever  you feel is necessary.


It's OK not to know what do for the rest of your life, especially if you're still in high school.


No matter how much you try to deny its existence, there IS a generation gap .

It can be bridged, somewhat but the older generation will always think of the younger as naive, inexperienced, impertinent and in need of useless pep-talks. 

The younger often think of the older as dimwitted, irrational, out of touch and trying too hard to be cool. 


There are too many idjits in the world.
You will just have to learn how to cope with them.

Interacting with  a less intelligent individual is excruciating, but it can also be quite entertaining.


Angst happens, and more frequently at a certain age. 
No need to diss.  It gives you something to look back and laugh at.

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