monday music trip:
ava adore

A slightly disturbing synaesthetic concoction released in 1998, by one of my favorite bands, Smashing Pumpkins.

Ava Adore is one of my favorite music videos from that time too.  I quite loved those intriguing, haunting images pasted together into one continuous walk, like a sick, loopy dream.  Didn't like the way Billy Corgan looked all Uncle Fester-like, though I did like Darcy's and James Iha's costumes.

Whenever this vid showed on MTV, a specific portion had a blurred background. Cloudy bubbles awkwardly expanded and contracted as Corgan et al popped in and out of the frame - it wasn't very cleanly done, so it was obvious that something bawdy was censored out of the video. Way to get viewers real curious, actually.  A classmate of mine noted that this portion wasn't blurred on Channel V (the other music channel), and that the censored scene showed people screwing in the background.  The above video doesn't have the blurs; said bawdiness appears from 3.00 to 3.17.

There's been some debate on the band's name, whether it's Smashing Pumpkins (adjective + noun) or The Smashing Pumpkins (verb + noun). I'm more inclined toward the one without "the", because of all their albums, only one cover art features the band's name with a "the", and all the others just say Smashing Pumpkins.
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