monday music trip
i am, i feel

It may sound like a perky little ditty that should be decorated with spangly tinsel stars and lace; the kind of song that could go in a TV ad for a fruity cologne or hip new feminine wash.  But give it a close listen and you'll see that it's actually a tongue-in-cheek expression of the vile (i.e. murderous) sentiments of a girl trapped in a bad relationship.

Unlike the other angry chick songs in the mid-90s though, Alisha's Attic didn't go for an overtly, maniacally menopausal vibe in  I Am, I Feel and opted for a hypnotically effervescent one instead.  It doesn't do much for a listener's pent-up angst, but it's quite refreshing from all the Alanises and Courtney Loves in those days.

(No video.  Lyrics only)

I first heard this sometime '97 at a classmate's house  (the kind of artsy-fartsy classmate with an ambiguous sexual orientation, cool unheard-of CDs in his arsenal, and trippy artworks plastered all over of his home).   I Am, I Feel  never quite made it into mainstream playlists in Manila, though I did catch it on an alternative station a couple of times.  Aside from the aforementioned ex-classmate, I don't know other fans of this song, though I'm sure there are many others.  I mean, it's too cute to ignore once you've heard it, and too remarkable not to revisit after almost forgetting about it.

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