back when all girls had a rainbow brite doll

I was around eight when the Rainbow Brite animated series came out; i admit i was an instant fan. The Rainbow Brite doll became a sort of status symbol and most little girls had to have one.

If I remember correctly, I think I received two as gifts; the other I gave to a cousin or someone. I even had a blue sprite (Champ was its name, I think) and the mini versions of Canary Yellow and Spark Sprite. I adored those dolls - but as toys go, they got moved to the back of the closet when new stuff came along. Besides, after my initial enjoyment of Rainbow Brite, I realized there wasn't much to do with her - I couldn't sleep with her because she was hard, I couldn't dress her up because she didn't have other dresses, I couldn't style her hair because she was bald under that outer layer of orange yarn. Two years after I decided I was too old for dolls and lost them as we moved from house to house.

Of course I never thought back then that I should've taken better care of my toys because they'd be collector's items someday. ;p

Little plus: In Googling for the blue sprite's name, I found Cute.
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