back when patrick swayze was dirty dancing

photo from imdb

Dirty Dancing (1987) was showing on a local channel the other day. The network must have figured that would be a nice way to remember Patrick Swayze, who recently passed away; and that his fans might want to remember him all young and hunky as dance instructor Johnny Castle.

I never thought I liked that movie, but - now that I'm old and nostalgic - I realize that it's got a lot of memorable scenes. I don't just mean that "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" one. I mean I watched it only once or twice before, and never even straight-through (I swear!) - but I could easily recall certain indelible visuals.

I'm no film critic and I can't really say what makes Dirty Dancing so iconic, but people who were at least ten years old when the movie came out would probably agree that it's a sure classic from the decade of big hair and leg warmers. It usually lands a spot in those "best chick flicks ever" countdowns.

I don't think it's the story - the story's not all that great, if you ask me.

It could be the soundtrack. The theme song isn't really that likeable, but its just as unforgettable since it was overplayed in those days. Just seeing those pictures makes I've Had The Time of My Life play in my head. Yes I swear. It's the truth.

It must be the sexy choreography ...

... and the steamy, sex-charged-without-any-actual-sex "dance practice" scenes that were sure to have produced reactions in viewers male or female, young or old.

Lemme just say it's uncomfy to watch Jennifer Grey act all sexy like that, especially with an apparently much older man. But yeah, i guess that's kinda what her role was about, even being named Baby and all.

Speaking of -- What ever happened to Jennifer Grey? She had a drastic nose job after she already became famous. I must say it did make her look a lot prettier, but since then she's been hardly recognizable as the actress who played Baby Houseman (Dirty Dancing) or Jeannie Bueller (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 1986). She's had trouble getting cast in good roles and was cast off into the B-list instead. It wasn't really a bad nose job, but in a sense, it was a botched one.

Anyway, back to Patrick Swayze. It was kinda sad to see those last 2009 images of him looking all gaunt and prematurely aged, nearly nothing like his late '80s / early '90s self. But for some reason, I tend to recall him always looking like he did in Dirty Dancing.
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