monday music fix
come around again

... Or the day that Come Around Again came around again.

One day as I gazed lazily into space and left a couple hundred brain cells to commit suicide due to their sense of unfulfillment (Did you know that? Brain cells die of disuse!), my random musings opened for a random song to drift into my mind. I haven't heard it in a while - maybe more than a decade - and the band that performed it is now defunct; I even forgot that such a song existed. And though it's one of those cheese-and-corn rock love songs, I found myself missing it, so I Googled a bit and found it.

The lyrics are kinda sappy, but then that's how most love songs are. I love the melody though.

Come Around Again


i've taken it through, i've taken it in stride

the feelings i can't show are the ones i can't hide
but they say if sorrow cuts through your heart
until you think its going to tear you apart
or i'll join your heart in the daze
to fill this space i erased


so i close my mind to the pain
(to find shelter from the pouring rain)
and i close my mind to the pain
(to find shelter from the pouring rain)
in your will i am entwined
i'm lost to the thoughts that you left behind
until you come around again(2x)

im waiting for your return
im waiting while the candles burn
im waiting for the hour to pass me
to know how long i could last
you see i'm, i'm awf'ly good today
and salvation has its price
so im holding out with my fingers crossed
until this love turns to ice
(repeat refrain)

until you come around again(4x)
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