monday music fix:
'til they take my heart away

I didn't even know who Clair Marlo was; I still don't know who she is actually. I made a Wiki search (not that I care) and voila, Wiki doesn't have much on her either. All I know is she sang 'Til They Take My Heart Away.

It's a bolero kind of love song with that kilig factor that worked on hopeless romantics. It had a cheesiness I could never appreciate - maybe because I didn't have a boyfriend then; I was just about turning fifteen, not at all interested in mush (at least not publicly). Or maybe because I was one of the rare, pretentious few who insisted on posing as a hardcore rocker. Tsss.

All my female friends seemed to love that darn song though. One even adopted it as her and boyfriend's official theme song - and I am sure there are a few more who did too (But needless to say, they no longer love each other, and no one even took their hearts away :p ). In my high school's fair that year, it was practically the anthem, courtesy of numerous requests via the Dedication Booth. I bet the upperclassmen heard it play at their prom or Grad Ball too.

As much as I disliked it, its lyrics have been seared in my memory. The thing was overplayed by local radio stations in 1992, almost as if to brainwash the naive teenaged listeners to carry out a secret government ploy. Among the chief conspirators was DWLS FM.

And as much as I still dislike it, if there was ever a movie of my life, it would likely be in the soundtrack of my high school chapter (maybe in the background of a mallratting scene or a dialogue at McDonald's) because it's so identifiable with the mid-'90s.

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