more movie recycling 0_o

I know that we're encouraged to reuse and recycle these days to delay global warming, but I'm pretty sure that shouldn't apply to film. I stumbled upon a few lists of rumored remakes and I'm appalled at the volume of (possibly) recycled material. After Clash of the Titans, The A-Team and The Karate Kid showed at theaters this year, there will be more remakes of classics in the next several months.

I searched IMDB for some of them to verify, and they seem to be for real. Of course there is the chance that some of the projects will be discontinued, but unless they aren't we'll be seeing them at the cinemas between now and 2013.

An American Werewolf In London
The Birds

Death Wish
The Dirty Dozen
Flight of the Navigator
Friday the 13th
Knight Rider
The Last Starfighter
Logan's Run
Missing In Action
Near Dark
NeverEnding Story
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Red Dawn
Red Sonja
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Short Circuit
The Smurfs
Teen Wolf
They Live
T.J. Hooker
Top Gun
Total Recall
War Games
Weird Science
The Witches

I.m.h.o., a lot of those on this list are too tied into their original context that the plot lines are not likely to work today.

The fantasy / adventure ones might just work, depending who's in charge of directing, producing and /or special effects. Personally I'd love to see a loaded version of NeverEnding Story or Dune. Or a Tim Burton version of The Witches perhaps?

There are some sequels on the works too:

Tron 2.0
Ghostbusters 3
Mortal Kombat Rebirth
The Power of the Dark Crystal

I'm quite curious about Tron 2.0, especially after seeing the trailer with the new lightcycles; still I'm not too convinced that the concept of "a world inside the computer" will still work today. I might just be excited about the Dark Crystal sequel. A Ghostbusters follow up though just isn't appealing to me all all.
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