back when musical mini-documentaries were shown on sesame street

I learned how to count, do simple math, speak English (and a bit of Spanish) and sing from watching Sesame Street as a preschooler.  My sponge-like little mind absorbed even more than the basics of Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmetic because of what I now call their "musical mini-documentaries".

Even after over three decades since I first saw Sesame Street, many of the tunes I heard on that show are still clear in my mind.  Heck, I even find myself singing them sometimes.

Like, for example, when it rains, I still end up singing this to myself:

It's A Rainy Day

When I look for milk while working on a recipe or doing groceries, I recall this:


And sugar reminds me of this:

Sugar Beet

Those videos helped my young mind develop an appreciation for rain, factories and production processes; they also gave me a glimpse of how people and things in different places could be interrelated.  How would I have grown up without those sunny days sweeping the clouds away? ^_^
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