back when they were (already cute but) not yet so glamorous: part 2

I had fun working on this post where I took note of a few drastic makeovers, so I thought of making a follow-up.  All ladies this time.

Lemme start with one of my favorite evolutionaries.

It's common knowledge that clothes and hairstyles go in and out of fashion, but every now and then, there'd be a coveted trend for certain body parts. In recent years, full, plump lips have been requested of plastic surgeons like never before all the rage.  Girls who used to be teased in the playground for having fish lips are now being told they have a luscious pout.  Who would've thought swollen lips would someday be sexy?

We have Angelina Jolie to thank for that.

Before she became the hottest woman on the planet with an easily recognizable name, would you believe there was a time she wasn't "pretty enough to be a star"?  She was naturally beautiful, but she was considered too exotic, not quite the blue-eyed blonde most movie makers banked on in those days. 

Not quite yet the sultry siren we know her to be today, the teenaged Angie was cast in offbeat rebel roles.  I thought she was already gorgeous back then, with those expressive eyes and that edgy attitude.  I was such a fan of this then-unknown actress that I tried painting her portrait, using a still from Hackers as a reference.

Her personal style evolved - from biker-chic, cyberpunk, fashion model and even daywalking vampire - but she and her adoring public found that A-list celebrity mom humanitarian glitterati suited her just fine.  She's definitely much more glamorous now.

When I think of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith star, my train of thought easily chugs toward the former Mrs. Brad Pitt:

Before she became one of the Friends in ABC's hit sitcom, Jennifer Aniston was Jeanie in the TV version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Gasp! ... So she isn't really a blonde?  :o

She wasn't so drop-dead beautiful as a young girl, but she's definitely prettier today. 

On this list is another Jennifer who - thanks to highly-paid stylists, a hair and makeup change and subtle surgery - improved as she aged.

Jenny From the Block no more, JLo is consistently a honey-colored portrait of beautiful.

Does anyone remember her as Selina, or that Latina in Anaconda?

I sort of get a greasy feeling whenever I look at her old pictures.  Must be because of the ton of hair product worked into her curls. *cringe*  And oh, look at that formerly-fashionable coffee-colored lipstick...  XP

Nowadays though, I can't help remarking how stunning she is.  In that season of American Idol where she was a judge for the first time, I didn't care much about the contestants; I just I wanted to see JLo's hair and accessories.

Christina Aguilera is another a popstar -turned music producer -turned reality singing show judge who's been successfully made over. 

She's not exactly an icon of style or beauty, but I like what she's done with herself now.  I mean, compared to her early days, when she was just all over the place.

She was introduced as a wholesome-ish girl next door, but I suppose she felt the pressure to stand out from the sea of blonde teen popstars of the late '90s (BritneyJessicaMandy et al) that she ditched the golden hair along with her plain jane persona.  Ugh.  Of all the possible looks for her, why'd she have to choose trashy?

After years of experimentation, her music and her fashion matured. I  think she cleaned up well when she was styled in 1930s/ 40s retro for her Back to Basics album, and has since then settled for a more classic, classier style for herself. Mommyhood seems to do her good.

That's all I have for today.  Looking for old photos was a bit tiring, but I had fun noticing how the above listed ladies metamorphosed. 

For next week, I'm thinking of working on an entry about TV stars from the '90s who didn't age so well.

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